Well Fuck

This sucks.

I'll leave it at this.

This will be figured out sooner rather than later.

Wait until you see the gym when you come back ;)

Until then...

There won't be daily posts on this page. Once the gym opens back up, this will be up and running again.

It would be far too tough creating adjustments for everyone based and things we do, or don't have.

So, we're offering free remote coaching until this shits done with.

If you want to have a 15 minute consult (to go over goals, result feedback and your available equipment) text me or message me on something. sooner rather than laterso we can keep the momentum that we've built.

We have an amazing group following this and I hope every single one of you texts me so I can stay on your ass until we'r

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Head over to WODUP.com make an act then search for BSG Training under gyms

Wednesday December 30 2020

A. Clean and Jerk 60%x3+1 65%x3+1 70%x2+1 75%x2+1 80%x2+1 then, take 2-4 more sets for a 2+1RM B. Front Squat 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3 85%x3 then, take 2-4 more sets for a 3RM + 50 Calorie Row For Time - re

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A. Power Clean 70%x3 75%x3 80%x2 85%x2 then, 2-4 more sets for a 2RM B. Push Press 70%x5 75%x5 80%x3 85%x3 then, 2-4 more sets for a 3RM + EMOM x15 Min 1st; Dual Dumbell Thruster; 10 Reps, 50/35 per


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