Tuesday June 30, 2020


A. Snatch + Hang Snatch; heavy in the complex


1 Min on, 1 Min off for 10 Total Sets

8 Bar Facing Burpees

AMRAP Thrusters 105/70 with remaining time

- score is total thruster completed


2 Sets

8 Deadbugs Per Side

- rest as needed

8 Bird Dogs

- rest as needed

25 GHD Situps

- rest as needed

BSG Gas Tank

30 Minute run on treadmill for distance

BSG Strong As S***

A. Back Squat; 3 reps ,x10 sets @85%

B. Snatch + Hang Snatch to a heavy

C. Clean and Jerk, work to a tough for the day

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Wednesday December 30 2020

A. Clean and Jerk 60%x3+1 65%x3+1 70%x2+1 75%x2+1 80%x2+1 then, take 2-4 more sets for a 2+1RM B. Front Squat 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3 85%x3 then, take 2-4 more sets for a 3RM + 50 Calorie Row For Time - re

Tuesday December 29 2020

A. Power Clean 70%x3 75%x3 80%x2 85%x2 then, 2-4 more sets for a 2RM B. Push Press 70%x5 75%x5 80%x3 85%x3 then, 2-4 more sets for a 3RM + EMOM x15 Min 1st; Dual Dumbell Thruster; 10 Reps, 50/35 per


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