Thursday July 30 2020

First of all...

We'll be doing what is referred to as a Speed Preservation Analysis. We need 4 data points from an athlete in order to make this happen. What this analysis will expose is your limiter in regards to energy system training, with the possible choices being respiratory, o2 delivery or o2 utilization. I'm very excited about this and it's the most in depth test (in my opinion ion) we can perform just outside being in a multi-million dollar lab (maybe one day lol). You can find the data points listed below. We will NOT be programing these pieces into testing week. it's on YOU to get them done on either a 'rest day' or a second session. DO NOT DO THEM IN THE SAME SESSION AS ANOTHER TESTER. You can choose whether you run, or row these. But once you choose one, you have to do them all in the same modality, no mixing it up. If you have any older times, you are more than welcome to use them, only do what you don't already know for this. On August 8th at 6pm (at the Cornerman Pub in Delray) we will be going over testing results, aswell as going you the information needed to analyze you energy system limiter.

You've got two options today

Option A) Rest Day (especially if you competed this weekend.. this is a good idea)

Option B) Perform a necessary data point on the Speed Preservation test

Data Point












Now For a little data analysis.

I like creating 'avatars' surrounding regional athlete averages. Games numbers are usually a little too aggressive, and an individual regional competitor from 2011-2018 was a damn good athlete.

Female Regional Avatar based on available data

Power Snatch 146

12.2 Score - 96 reps

Male Regional Avatar based on available data

Power Snatch - 226lbs

12.2 Score - 85 reps

Female BSG avatar based on average

Power Snatch - 123lbs

12.2 Score - 79 reps

Male BSG avatar based on average

Power Snatch - 191lbs

12.2 Score - 67 reps

What's it mean for you? see ya on the 8th ;p

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