Monday September 14 2020

This is the last week of the current training cycle. The next cycle will take us right up to Wodamania. If you are yet to find a partner, text me or email me and LMK so we can get you set up!


A. Snatch; 1.1; rest 10 sec, rest 2-3 min, x5 sets

- build from 78% of 1rm


4 Rounds

6 Front Squats 205/145

6/4 Bar Muscle Ups

12 Bar Facing Burpees

- rest 1 min after each round, rest 5 minutes after round 4 before advancing..

4 Rounds

9 Front Squats; 185/125

15 T2B

12 Burpees to target (6" above max reach)

- rest 1 min after each round

** your score on these 8 rounds is TOTAL TIME including all the rest


C. Deadlift; work to a tough set of 5, TnG


6 Sets; 2 Min Bike, slightly faster than 10 Minute Pace

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