March 6 2020

A. Power Snatch + High Hang Squat Snatch; 10 complexes w/:45 seconds rest between; technical load

B. Split Position Press; 5x5; rest 60 seconds bet sets

C. Single Leg Goodmorning; 10-12 reps/side, x3 sets

D. DB RDL: @3311; 10-12 reps, x3 sets

C2B Gymnastics Testing

A. 1RM weighted pullup (include bodyweight in score) i.e. if I weight 180 and I attatched 120, my score = 300#

B. Max Rep unbroken strict pullup

C. Max Rep unbroken C2B pullup


A-D should be lighter loads. A&B should be about positioning, C&D should be about keeping strict to temp


Split Position Presses only have carry over if we're in the proper position.

1) Weight needs to be distributed 50/50 front to back. ask yourself if youre even before lowering the bar for the next rep.

2) front heel should be directly underneath front knee. this would mean the front shin is vertical.

3) back knee should be bent. the over wellming majority of world champions bend the back to to allow for less movement of the front foot.

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Wednesday November 25 2020

BSG A. 3 Clean and 1 Jerk; 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% then, hit a max B. Front Squat 70% x 4, 75% x 4, 78% x 4, 4RM + 3 Sets Deadlift; 15 reps 225/155; no rest 15 HSPU - rest 1 Min 6 DL 315/225; no rest 50ft

Tuesday November 23 2020

BSG A. Power Clean; 3 reps @ 75%, x5 sets B. Push Press; 5x5 @ 75% + EMOM x21 Min 1st; Row 8/6 Calories + 4 Burpee Over Rower 2nd; :30 sec AMRAP T2B 3rd; 30 Dubs + 6 Alt DB snatch + For Time 5 Sets of

Monday November 23 2020

Today starts a new training cycle that will lead us right into end of January/early February. Today starts the first day of some of our Lactic Endurance training (aka that really f**king hurt). Guys,


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