March 4 2020

A. High Hang Power Snatch; 3 reps, x5 sets

B. Squat Clean + Split Jerk; EMOM x14 min @65-80%

C. Snatch Balance; 5 reps, x5 sets; rest 60 seconds

Row For Max Wattage in an 8 sec max time frame

rest 3 minutes between attempts, x4 sets

D. S.A. DB Bench Press @31x1; 10-12 reps, x3 sets; rest 1 min bet hands

D. half-kneeling DB arnold press @31x2; 10-12 reps/side, x3 sets


A. OK to push limit on movement, as long as it's coming from the hip

B. Start @65% and build

C. Technique Load; aggressive foot movement and speed under the bar. stay strict to allotted rest period

Take rows from a "rolling start". you don't need to go from dead stop. 8 seconds should start with air in the wheel.

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Wednesday December 30 2020

A. Clean and Jerk 60%x3+1 65%x3+1 70%x2+1 75%x2+1 80%x2+1 then, take 2-4 more sets for a 2+1RM B. Front Squat 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3 85%x3 then, take 2-4 more sets for a 3RM + 50 Calorie Row For Time - re

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