March 17 2020

3 sets

A1. Laying Situp Transition Drill; 6-12 reps;

A2. Ring Support hold 10-30 seconds

A3. seated banded transition; 6-12 reps

B. offset strict RMU 5-10/side, x3 sets

C. hallow body kip swings 6 reps, x3 sets


on a 13 minute clock..

ski 3 min @moderate pace

in remaining 10 min perform AMRAP of the unbroken complex;

RMUx1 + Dip x3 + RMU x1 + Dip x2 + RMU x1 + dip x1 + :10 sec support

bike 5:00 @moderate pace immediatley


5 min amrap

10 BFB no stepping allowed anywhere

8 heavy wallballs

100m ski

* rest 10 minutes

For Time;


Calorie Bike

Calorie Ski

Calorie Row

10 minute time cap

* rest 10 minutes


run 200m

2 Rope climbs

12 thrusters; 95/65

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