Black Sheep Games WOD 1

18 Min Time Cap

650m Ski

14 Clean and Jerks

1 Mile Bike

12 Clean and Jerks

650 Row

10 RMU

WOD 1 FLOW “Follow the Leader”

On go Partner 1 (P1) will start on the ski, Partner 2 (P2) has to wait for P1 to finish the ski to start their workout. Once P1 finishes the ski they will move to the clean and jerks and now P2 is allowed to ski. This follow the leader style of advancement will continue until the workout is completed or you get capped. If P2 catches up to P1 they have to wait until P1 is done with that exercise to begin. At no point should the 2 athletes be working on the same movement.


If you complete the workout under the time cap, then your score will be your time.

If you get capped, then your score will be the number of reps partner 2 completes

Tie break:

If 2 teams end up with the same number of reps the tie break time will be when partner 1 finishes the RMU

Division Standards

1st weight 2nd weight Gymnastics

Beginner 75/55 95/65 10 Burpee Box Jumps

Scaled 95/65 115/75 10 Burpee Box Jumps

RX 135/95 155/105 10/8 RMU

Masters 35-44 135/95 155/105 8/6 RMU

Master 45+ 115/75 135/95 10 Burpee Box Jumps

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