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First things first, for those that don't want to read a long post.. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week will be rest days. Even for those of us that did not compete this weekend, It's good to deload from time to time, so enjoy the 'easier' week. Wednesday starts, what I believe, is the most intricate testing phase we've had to date. This is what the testing template will look like..

Wednesday - Power Snatch + Moderate Barbell Cycling & Ladder

Friday - Double Leg Strength + Nueromuscular Efficiency + Light Barbell Cycling Turnover Speed

Saturday - Mid-Range + Fatigued Higher Skill Gymnastics

Monday - Absolute Strength Endurance

Tuesday - 'The Machine Sprint Tri'

During this testing its important everyone posts results with any comments and feedback on that days blog post!

Our new Training Cycle will officially begin post training, with the test and data analyzation on Saturday August 8th (details on that will come soon).

For the long post.

We had, as always, an insane amount of competitors and supporters this weekend. It's always so impressive to see adults, successful adults, find the time to pursue a 'hobby' like this. To spend the time training int he gym to be ready, not just for an event, but a larger, two day event that's out of town. If you prepped and competed this weekends, you accomplished a great deal, and hopefully, you've got the 'bug' to get better.

It's impossible to appropriately highlight each and every athletes journey through competition prep, and competition weekend in a post like this. Every single person overcame their own set of obstacles in order to be prepared tot he best of their capabilities so that they could enjoy showing off their hard work. Every single person made sacrifices, had let downs, had triumphs, and probably. a few bumps and bruises along the way. With that being said, there were two athletes this weekend that we wanted to take the time to 'highlight'

Samantha Miranda (intermediate Female)

Sam challenged herself this weekend and competed in a more challenging division than she was originally comfortable with. She stepped outside her own comfort zone to test, in my opinion, not necessarily her fitness level, but more her determination, grit, and ability to focus on something she wanted to complete.

Often when we talk about competition weekends we like to use the word 'present.' Being 'present' in a weekend like this past one means; worrying about what's right there, right now. Not what has already happened, or what might happen in the future. Being present gives you the ability to enjoy every moment with family and friends, because highs, and lows that take place are no longer the present, so youre over them. Sam was definitely 'present' this weekend. Not everything went her way, but that didn't change her attitude, or the overall experience that she had. Sam challenged herself this weekend and I think she didn't just grow physically because of it, but mentally as well. Winning is cool, but all of this shit ca teach you skills and things about yourself that you can take outside of the gym, fitness and competition, that's even better.

Kayleigh Walsh

What Kayleigh did is so fucking gangster that a long write up wouldn't do it justice. So here's the chain of events..

Day 1

Event 1 - 5th place

Event 2 - 5th place

Event 3 - 4th place

in event 3 a weight crushed her hand. hands bruises, swollen, maybe broken?

Day 2 Shows up with fingers taped, hand swollen and bruised

Event 4 - 8th

Event 5 - 1st

Event 6 - 2nd

Finishes 3rd overall RX female.

(mic drop)

Final Numbers: Total BSG Athletes: 62

1st Places: 7

2nd Places: 3

3rd Place: 1

Total Podium Finishes: 11

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